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About Us

Wormack Inc. is a community-based nonprofit organization that offers social services in Connellsville, Pennsylvania. Continue reading to learn more about Raymond D. Wormack, our founder and CEO.

Wormack Inc. 2019 Annual Report

Educational Background

Raymond D. Wormack has been in the profession for more than 10 years. In this span of time, he has also worked as a financial adviser for countless individuals. His educational background includes:

• Bachelor of Science, California University of Pennsylvania (May 1999)
• Bachelor of Accounting and Finance, California University of Pennsylvania
• Master of Social Work, California University of Pennsylvania (May 2004)
• License, Clinical Social Work (June 2004)

Work Experiences

He has worked in a variety of settings in multiple roles. Some of the positions he held include:

• Supervisor and Counselor in a Residential Treatment Facility
• Supervisor and Counselor in a Drug and Alcohol Facility
• Multi-Systemic Therapist
• Caseworker at a Partial Hospitalization Program for Children
• Individual and Family Therapist at Residential Treatment Facilities
• Lead Family Therapist Providing In-Home Therapy
•Outpatient Therapist for Both Children and Adults
• Psychological Evaluator
• Active Member in the Development of SRRTP Act 21, a State Program
• Trainer at Adelphoi Village and Torrance State Hospital (For Strength-Based Mental Health Diagnosis, Treatment and the Impact of Grief, Loss, and Trauma; Safe Crisis Management, Victimization, and Working with Victims and Predators of Sexual Assault)

Skills and Expertise

Our CEO utilizes various therapy models, such as CBT, RT, and Experiential. He is able to incorporate these into individual, family, and group therapy sessions. Apart from these, he has a special interest in working with victims and perpetrators of sexual abuse. He is also knowledgeable about the impact that a mental health diagnosis can have upon individuals, families, and communities. Today, he continues to practice social work in the VA Pittsburgh Healthcare System.